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Legalization of documents

An official document in one country is not automatically valid in another country. Many documents should first be legalized before they can be used abroad.

If you wish to use Belgian documents in Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic or Tajikistan, they should be legalized in Brussels.

If you wish to use documents from Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic or Tajikistan, follow this procedure :

  1. Legalization, for documents from the Kyrgyz Republic or Tajikistan. Two legalizations are necessary : the document should firstly be legalized by the ministry of the country itself. After that, a second legalization is done by our Consulate.
  2. Apostille, for documents from Kazakhstan. This is a simplified procedure. The Kazakh authorities put an apostille. This apostille is directly accepted in Belgium. You no longer need the services of our Consulate.

More information via: Legalisation : more detailed information | Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs (belgium.be).