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You can be a Belgian automatically (as a result of Belgian law without any action on your behalf) or become Belgian through your own will. You can also lose your Belgian nationality. The legislation on this is sometimes complicated. The Ministry of Justice is responsible for nationality issues. For more information, look here:

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Be on time!

If you have any doubt about your situation, contact the Consulate. A brief summary on the internet is not enough to understand the nuances of the legislation.

Sometimes it is important that an action happens on time! Contact the Consulate on time if you think this is the case for you:

  1. If you were born abroad and you have never (actually) lived in Belgium as an adult, you risk losing your Belgian nationality when you turn 28.  Whether this is the case for you depends on more details. Contact us in time to avoid this.
  2. If you are a Belgian and you were born abroad, your child is not always automatically Belgian. If you were born abroad, and so was your child, it is possible that your child is not a Belgian. Some children can become Belgians but only before they are five. The procedure can take a long time so contact us early if you think you are in this case.
  3. A child can only inherit the Belgian nationality if you are the legal parent under Belgian law. If in doubt, contact us, as foreign birth certificates are not always valid under Belgian law. The risk is greater if you are not officially married, if you or your partner were previously married, or the birth has never been registered with a Belgian consulate.