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Consular Services - What are those?

An Embassy has two main tasks. We represent Belgium abroad - it's the diplomatic element. In addition, we also take care of Belgians abroad (and foreigners with links to Belgium). These are our consular services.

Are you Belgian and are you going abroad temporarily? For travel advice go to the French or Dutch version of the website.

Are you a Belgian living in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan? Look around here to discover everything we can do for you!

What do we do?

For the Belgians who are registered with us, we function as the "town hall"  and offer similar services: identity cards, passports, elections, adoptions, legalizations, life certificates, attestations, notary deeds, recognitions ...

In this framework, we respect your privacy.

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When do you need to go elsewhere?

The Embassy has nothing to do with social security. We cannot help with pensions, removals, health insurance ... We cannot help you with driving licenses either.

Fortunately, our colleagues in other departments have all the information you need. Check out www.socialsecurity.be.

Things we cannot do

The general rule is this: the Embassy cannot intervene in private affairs. Nor can it interfere in the internal affairs of the host country. And of course, we are not a travel agency!

All of this means that we are not allowed or able to do certain things:

  • We cannot intervene if people have dual nationality and are in their other country (e.g. for Belgo-Kazakhs in Kazakhstan).
  • We cannot intervene in court proceedings. You are obliged to respect local legislation and legal procedures. We can only assess whether the legislation is being respected and whether you are receiving unfavourable treatment as a foreigner. We cannot ensure preferential treatment.
  • We also do not ensure preferential treatment for doctors, schools, etc.
  • We do not pay bills, we do not book hotels, we do not find luggage, we do not organize a work permit.
  • We cannot take care of kidnapped children, (have the local authorities) enforce Belgian court decisions, investigate crimes or deaths, etc.

But in the past, you did "X"!

Since 2014, there is a new consular code. What embassies and consulates can and cannot do is now more clearly defined. The biggest difference is that consular services are now limited for Belgians who are not registered at the Consulate.

Embassy or Consulate General?

In some countries, Belgium has both an Embassy and a consulate general, in separate buildings and sometimes in separate cities. In Nur-Sultan, it's in the same building. The Ambassador is also the Consul General. So you can contact us here and we will make sure to use the right seal!