Consular services

In this section, you will find information about your registration, how to apply for an identity card or passport, etc.

Consular Services - What are those?

An Embassy has two main tasks. We represent Belgium abroad: it is the diplomatic element. In addition, we also take care of Belgians abroad and of foreigners with links to Belgium: these are our consular services.

Are you Belgian and are you going abroad temporarily? Consult our travel advice.

Are you a Belgian living in Kazakhstan, in the Kyrgyz Republic, in Tajikistan or in Uzbekistan? Here is what we can do for you.

What we do

The Consular code of 2014 defines the competences of Belgian consular posts.

For the Belgians who are registered in our Consulate, we are their town hall and therefore offer similar services: identity cards, passports, elections,  adoptions, legalizations, certificates,  notary deeds, recognitions ...

In this framework, we respect your privacy

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What we do not do

The Embassy cannot intervene in private affairs, or in internal affairs of the host country. Also, it is not a travel agency.

Concretely, the Embassy:

  • Cannot intervene if people have dual nationality and are in their other country (e.g. for Belgo-Kazakhs in Kazakhstan).
  • Cannot intervene in court proceedings. You must respect local legislation and legal procedures. The Embassy checks whether the applicable legislation is complied with, and whether you are receiving unfavourable treatment as a foreigner. We cannot ensure preferential treatment.
  • Does not intervene for doctors, schools, insurances, pensions, social security, work permits.
  • Does not pay bills, book hotels, find luggage.

Embassy or Consulate General?

In some countries, Belgium has both an embassy and a consulate general, in separate buildings and sometimes in separate cities. In Astana, it is in the same building. The Ambassador is also the Consul General. So you can contact us here and we will make sure to use the right seal!

More consular information

You can find information about consular services for Belgians abroad on the general website of Foreign Affairs